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Making hula hoops in my spare time

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. -Scott Adams

I think this quote is a great one to think about when you are revising. I’ve found that as I revise, I sometimes find myself putting things back in that I previously had edited out. What I thought were “mistakes,” actually were things that made the story stronger. I love the creative freedom that writing allows me as I muddle through the first or even the seventh draft of a manuscript. Where else in life can we take a mistake, toss it aside and then bring it back as something that actually enhances what we are working on.


  1. the hoops look really cool. i wish I could make one.

  2. Tell *me* a story, Ms. Thelma. I’m in the sixth decade of my childhood and I grew up in the zoo.

  3. There are no bad ideas, but there are no ideas.

    Keep hooping, writing and thinking!!